Friday, 21 September 2012

New student in D6

Ni hao my name is Zhen Yi Zhang and I am 10 years old. I come from China.
In my family there are 5 people, mum, dad, one brother and one sister.
My favourite food is fish and I enjoy doing my homework.


this is my group 'The All Blacks'

The Duffy Theatre Show

In August this term we watched the Duffy Theatre Show in the school hall. The show was about encouraging people to do more reading at home, school and other places. We learnt  that reading books can help you learn  facts and information and some books can even take you on a journey and adventures. We also learnt that reading can be fun and books can be your friend, they are good company.

Duffy and Scruffy were two of the actors in the show and there was also a female actress. The show was called "THE BEST BOOK IN THE WORLD." We thought that the theatre was great and we also thought that Scruffy was the best actor because he was the funniest. 

We would like to THANK them for coming to our school.

by Michelle Talo and Wendy Ye

Writing an Arguement - "Cats are better than Dogs"

I disagree with this statement, I believe that dogs are better than cats. The reason why I disagree with this statement is because I think that dogs can help people and they are very loyal to their owners. Here is an example, dogs can guide blind people and they can also be police dogs. They have a good sense of smell and can help in search rescues. They can also be used to help the police with dangerous criminals so some dogs can be very brave.

Dogs can also help us by guarding our homes and alerting people through their barking and this can warn us of strangers. Cats on the other hand can not help people and they are not loyal animals like dogs. Cats are lazy and just care about themselves,

 So as you see dogs are better than cats because they are clever and they they listen and help people in many ways.

by Ozarius Tu'ua

Friday, 3 August 2012

Fairy Tale Day

In term 3 we had Fairytale Day and we had to dressed up as our favourite fairytale characters and bring a gold coin to raise money for our school pets. Some kids were creative and some were funny. I dressed up as Cinderella on that day and I really enjoyed it.

by Wendy D6